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Privacy and Data Protection

This data protection declaration clarifies to users about the nature, scope and purpose of the collection and use of personal data for the purposes of pages under the domain


Every time you access this website, the browser of the user's data to the service provider's web server. These include: Name of the accessed website, file, date and time of access, transferred data volume, notification of successful retrieval, browser type including version, the operating system of the user, URL of the previously page visited) and the IP address. This data is deleted after a short period (typically by the service provider after four hours). Only in exceptional cases, if necessary for the analysis of error messages, the storage period can be extended.

Otherwise no individual user data is stored, but are only stored in aggregated form for statistical purposes.


Cookies are small files that the server uses to store information in the browser of the user. Most browsers offer possibilities in the settings to manage cookies and their storage.

his site does not use tracking cookies. The only set cookie is a security cookie of the provider Cloudflare, through which these websites can be delivered. The cookie does not contain any user information.

External Links and Tracking

This website does not use tracking scripts or pixels. Some posts contain links to social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Google+. When displayed, no request is made via the server of these providers, only by clicking on one of these links (as well as for any other external link on the web pages outside of this domain) will the web servers of external providers be contacted.

It is also possible that content from third parties (e.g. videos from YouTube) is embedded into pages of the website. In these cases the respective provider is responsible for the transmission of the contents. The external provider receives the IP address of the user. If possible, providers who only use an IP address for the purpose of the delivery of the contents or which gives the user the possibility to for the consent of use are selected.


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